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Mira's BPH-Behaviour & Personalitytest!

About three weeks ago Mira and three of her siblings did their BPH-test (Behaviour and Personality test) at Hundudden in Stockholm.
This test puts the dog trough different situations to see how it will react first by itself and after a while with the support of it's owner.
Mira was 18 months old when this was done, which I think is a pretty good age. She hasn't been completely formed by me as a grown up but she isn't as sensitive as a younger puppy.
I was very pleased with Mira's test. The weather was awful and it rained the whole time, unfortunately not making Mira happier...
She wasn't that interested in the new person, as she normally isn't. She greets them but then she is done, unless they have treats for her ofcourse!
She enjoyjed playing, but mostly with me or on her own, not with the new person. She has a interest in food but not intense.
She reacts to scary things but not loudly, no aggression. She needed my support to go up to the scary halfbody but once there she checked it out and had no more fear of it.
With the noise she reacted but her curiosity was bigger than the fear and she walked up and checked it out without my help.
The approaching scary man was a bit uncomfortable for her but not enough for her to get really angry or to run away. Here she came up when she got my support but after a sniff at the man she was done with him.
She had no problems with the different surfaces and did not need much support to go over them.
The gunshot she took well also. She has heard plenty of gunshoots during her bloodtrackingcompetitions and she was more eager after it was done to go towards the shooter and see if there was a deerhoof there somewhere!

As soon as we have finished the videos of her siblings I will post them aswell!


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