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Kadamo Mästerskapen 2021!

Sunday it was time for this years Kadamo Mästerskapen in bloodtracking. A competition I've held every year since 2010 in this area. It was yet again a successful day with decent weather, talented dogs both young and old and great company as always. 
This years winner was young lady Kadamo I Am Nala "Leia" who acctually started her very first openclass today. Second was her halfbrother SEVCH Kadamo Go for It "Ivan" who won last year, and third was their aunt SEVCH RLDN RLDF RLDA Kadamo Penny Lane "Meya" 11 years old, who won 2019 and been placed in top three several times during the years.
Big congratulations to you all! 
I had two dogs with me tracking today. Tiya (SEVCH Kadamo Comin' home) and Maddox (Ave Caesar Diamond Jewel of Rubi) and they both recieved 1st prize and nice words from the judge. This was Maddox very first openclass track so very proud of him, even though he did get distracted for a while with smell from some wild animal. 
Congratulations to everyone who recieved a 1st prize today (which I think was everyone but two). And a very big thank you to all of you who decided to come and compete today. So happy to see you and your dogs having fun together!
Thanks to Älgripans Hundcenter and the judges for another great arrangement and Lotta Tembert for nice photos (some taken by her and some by me).




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