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Colin 2nd Best Male at Nat. Show in Västerås!

Today it was time for our second show of the year. I only had Colin with me, but three of my breedings was shown. First out was Kadamo Rumour Has It "Kili" in openclass, his first show since a puppy, now 2 years and 3 months old. He recieved VG in openclass. 
I showed Colin in Championclass and he recieved EXC, classwinner with CQ and finished 2nd Best male. With Mira being back home but still in heat he has a tough time at the moment... He won't eat and no matter how tasty my treats were he was not interested...
So very happy with this placement despite his "sad" mood today!
In juniorclass little Kadamo Runs with Raksha "Siri" made her debute and recieved EXC and thanked off as 5th in the class.
I showed SEVCH Kadamo Brings It Back Again "Daisy" in a very big openclass where she placed 4th with EXC.
Thank you all for a nice day!




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