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Nixon and Dexter doing well at the Triple Show in Jönköping!

This past weekend SEVCH Kadamo Fire and Ice "Nixon" from the Fire-litter (Enya x Leo) and SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" from the Drinks-litterdr (Moa x Argos) was shown at the triple show in Jönköping.
Day 1 the breed was judged by Eva Liljeqvist-Borg, SWE. Nixon was shown in juniorclass, recieved Excellent and won the class! Dexter was shown in Openclass and recieved Excellent and placed 3rd in the class with CQ!
Day 2 the breed was judged by Leni Finne, FI. Nixon recevied his very first VG and was placed 2nd in the class. Dexter recieved Excellent and once again placed as 3rd in the class.
Today SEUCH SEVCH FINUCH Kadamo Thinking of Tilley "Tilly" from the Canada-ltter (Yaya x Akala) was also shown in Championclass and she recieved VG.
Day 3 the breed was judged by Annette Edlander, SWE. Nixon once again recieved Excellent but was unplaced today. Dexter did a hattrick and got his third Excellent and third 3rd placement in three days!
Congratulations to you for good results and thank you for sharing the photos with us!


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