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Mira Best Bitch with CAC, CACIB and 2nd Best Bitch with R-CAC at two day Show in Tvååker!

Tvååker is really the showground for me! This year I only went with "Mira" (SEVCH RLDN RLDF Kadamo Bringin' It Back). Previous years I have shown both her mother "Moa", her halfsister "Yaya" and Wilson here with great success.

Day 1 International Show, the breed was judged by Mr Marko Lepaasar, EST.
I started off helping Ewa to show our handsome boy BISS-13 Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke" in openclass. He recieved VG, the judge said he really like his type but thought he was a little bit to big. He got great critique so we are still happy.
After him I showed Mira in intermediateclass and I was happy to recieve Excellent. Time for placement and I realizes only 4 dogs in the class had recieved Exc so we were definetely getting placed!
When the judge put Mira as winner I was so surprised, and happy! She also recieved CQ and for the first time had a decent shot for placement in Best Bitch aswell.
The judge kept Mira, the second place winner in intermediateclass and the two openclassbitches and thanked the rest. Wohoo, by now I was more than happy and saticfied just being placed! 
So when the judge had us running and going back and forth trying to pick his winner I was nervous! But he decided that his favourite bitch of the day was Mira!
My silly little girl Best Bitch recieveing her first CAC and CACIB at 19 ½ months of age! First time for her also to compete for Best of Breed (after leaving Puppyclass) and today she lost against the topwinning Championmale, but I am still happy!!!

Day 2 National Show, the breed was judged by Mrs Gail Pattersson, IE.
Today Petra shown her young boy SEVCH Kadamo Fire and Ice "Nixon" so he was the first Kadamodog out in the ring in juniorclass.
They two of them did wonderful as always recieving Excellent and later also won the class with CQ! 
After that I once again showed "Loke" and today he recieved Excellent aswell and was placed 2nd in the class with CQ! So both the boys continued to compete in Best Male. Unfortunately there they were beaten by the older boys but I am still very proud of them!
Mira and I once again entered in intermediateclass and again she started off recieving Excellent. She after that placed nicely 2nd in the class with CQ so once again we got to compete in Best Bitch!
Not until we entered Best Bitch I realized only four bitches had recieved CQ today so automatically we would be placed again today!
After some running Mira was placed as 2nd Best Bitch with R-CAC!

So happy with my young girl this weekend! I had NO expectations going to the show so every little thing was a success for me, and she did so much better that I could ever have imagined!

Moa who is Mira's mother won her very first CAC here in July 2008 becoming Best of Breed, and now six years later her daughter repeats history and wins her first CAC (and CACIB) here! 
Yaya and Wilson has also recieved CAC's and placed as Best of Breed here. Last year Mira was shown here in puppyclass and then also winning Best of Breed, so Tvååker really is one of my favourite showgrounds!


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