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Successful weekend in Tvååker!

This past weekend we went for a few days holiday on the westcoast. We stayed at my parents cottage just 10 minutes from Tvååker and enterered two shows there. Day 1 was the Nordic Show judged by Arne Foss, Norway.
I first showed Tiya who placed best bitch puppy and Best of breed. After that I showed her dad Colin who placed 2nd in championclass and 3rd Best male. 
Then it was time for Daisy in openclass who won and went all the way to 2nd Best bitch with R-CAC and R-Nordic CAC. 
I was not sure if I should show Mira because she was in terrible false pregnancy with milk.... But I thought what the heck, and I am happy that I did! She placed 2nd in a lovely championclass and 4th Best Bitch. She still got it!

Day 2 was the National Show judged by Ewa Nielsen, Sweden. I showed Tiya again and she was best bitchpuppy and best of breed, and today her sister Inez was there placing 2nd with HP.
Colin stepped up today and won the championclass and finished 2nd Best male. Daisy got excellent but no placement in openclass today and Mira got Exc with CK but no placement,

We had two nice showdays but even nicer time off. I had my daughters with me who very much enjoyed spending time with their grandparents and cousins, swimming, playing and eating ice-cream! The dogs loved the big beaches and playing in the water, so we just have to go back next year!




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