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Kadamo in Funäsfjällen!

Last year for the first time I invited my puppybyers to join me for a few days of hiking in the north parts of Sweden. We had such a great time so we were all determined to go again this year.
We ended up being 31 people and 25 dogs (!!!) going together for 4 days this time to Funäsfjällen, close to the Norwegian border.
Our first day hiking we all went together. It was an 11 km long walk around Svansjön and Vättafjället. I was so impressed with everyone, both dogs and people of all ages who came along on this hike.
The next two days we split up into smaller groups and took a few differents hikes. Me, Christoffer and the people keeping us company took the second day a 13 km hike up next to Andersjöåfallet and around Hamrafjället.
Our third and final day hiking we drove for about an hour to Djupdalsvallen where we took a 6,5 km hike up to the top of Mittåkläppen.
It was three really nice days in the mountains and we were lucky with the weather just getting better each day. 
Since my first trip hiking with my dad in 2009 I have tried to go at least once a year. We live in such a beautiful country with so many gorgeous places to visit.
Sharing this with my lovely friends, who also takes the best care of their fourlegged friends that they have bought from me just makes it even better.
Thank you all for coming along, I can't wait to see how many we will be next year!




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