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Ridgeback Race in Västerås!

Yesterday me, Ellen (my daughter) and the dogs went to Västerås to participate in a Ridgeback Race at the Greyhound track. Moa and Yaya has done this several times before but it was more than a year since their last time. The two of them absolutely loves it!
Since Ellen came into our family the dogs haven't gotten to do that much fun activites more than normal walks in the woods, so I thought they would enjoy this day!
We got some lovely company from Mira's brother Kadamo A Big Hunk o´Love "Attila" and his owners who came to try this for the first time.
Mira and Attila did not really get the hang of it this time, running after a plastig thing dragged by a machine?! But they ran fast to get to their owners at least! 
Thank you Jessica for help with the dogs, Andreas for taking pictures, your friend for taking videos of the dogs (see them below the photos), Lillan for watching Ellen and to Pernilla Johansson for great photos too!


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