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Dando, could it be DM? 

My old boy Dando is not the healthiest of dogs... He has several diagnoses, luckily none that gives him any pain or so far have shorten his life.
Since the beginning of this year he has lost some function in his backlegs/feet. Dando is an old boy now almost 11 years and 4 months old, so in the beginning I just assumed it had to do with age.
It started with him walking a bit wobbly and stumbling with his backfeet. He lost more and more muscles around his thighs, bum and back and it just kept on getting worse. He started to stand with his hooks more in toward eachother, problably easier to keep his balance that way.  
He sometimes during every walk knuckle over and steps on the top of his backfeet and sometimes it makes him trip so he has to sit down.
In the beginning we took all our walks in the woods were he got natural training having to lift his legs over fallen trees, roots, stones and so on. It did him good, but during the very warm summer it got to hard for him. When he was warm and tired he walked even worse, and now we only go for walks on surfaces that is more flat and easy for him.
He still enjoys getting out but we can't go far or we have to take several breaks.  At home we have carpets laid out in the room with slippery floor so he can get around easier. We help him up and down in the car when we go somewhere since he doesn't jump that well anymore, even though he still thinks he can do it!

When I decided to test Mira for DM (degenerative myelopathy) before breeding on her I started to read more about the disease and I realised that all the sympthoms described could have been written by me discribing Dando's problems. 
So I decided to test Dando for DM aswell. 

Dando's result:
DM: N/DM carrier (exon 2)

The analysed dog is a carrier of the mutation in exon 2 of SOD1-gene that has been suggested to be a major risk factor for the development of Degenerative Myelopathy. The mutation will be passed on to the offspring with a probability of 50%.

This test was not taken to get a diagnose for Dando. This does not say that he is sick in this disease, but it doesn't exclude it either.
To diagnose DM you have to do a lot of exams which I will not put Dando trough. Even if he would get a diagnose there is no treatment for it so it won't make a difference.

Below are videos of Dando just walking from August and September this year. There you can see his changed way of moving his backlegs. The first video is from August were he walks like "normal" for his condition. The second video is from the end of September on one of his "bad" days where he walks worse.
He has both good and bad days normally, sometimes it hurts my heart watching him and next day I think he is doing a little bit better. But at least here you can see and get an idea of his problem.

Now I just keep my fingers crossed that he won't continue to get worse at least not fast. I really want to keep him around for as long as he seems happy which I hope will be for months, and in my dreams, years to come! 
As long as I have him I will make sure he lives a good life despite his problems and stays as happy as he can be!

Above Dando in August and below Dando in September.


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