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Moa Best of Breed VETERAN and Best Opposite Sex at Int. Show in Köping!

Today me and Christoffer drove to Köping to attend the International Dog show judged by Edna Martin, USA.
First out was Kadamo Fire it Up "Arrax" from the Fire-litter who placed VG-2 in the class. After this SEJV-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" from the Drinks-litter recieved Excellent in Openclass and was thanked off as 5th dog, just outside placement. 
After the boys it was time for me and Mira in intermediateclass. She recieved Excellent and finished nicely 2nd with CQ. 
Today I also had Moa with me, today for the very first time being shown in Veteranclass. She won the class with CQ and got to compete against the Best Veteran Male and the judged liked them both but today Moa a little bit more and she was placed as Best of Breed Veteran! Wohoo! Good start in Veteranclass! This was also Moa's first show at all this year so not a bad little comeback! After this it was time for Best Bitch. Since both Mira and Moa has recieved CQ and was competing in Best Bitch Christoffer had to show Mira for the first time, acctually his first time in a ring ever!
They did a good job but were not placed today. Moa were picked out for placement and my precious old lady won Best Bitch! 
We got to compete once again for Best of Breed, but this time the younger male won and Moa was Best Opposite Sex. 
So both BOB and BOS in one day! We did not stay for the BIS-finals this time, it got to warm and to many hours of waiting, perhaps next time?!


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