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Loke BISS-13, Mira BPISS-13 and Moa 7th Best Bitch at the Swedish Speciality Show 2013 in Höör!

I don't even know where to begin! This weekend has been a once in a lifetime experience, and I am still having trouble to understand what happend! Still pinching my arm!
First I will start off with the short version with only the results, for you who are interested to read the loooong version just keep on scrolling down!
You can also enjoy lots of photos from our weekend at the bottom of the page! 

Results for Kadamo at BISS-13:
Kadamo Bringin' It Back "Mira": Best Bitchpuppy 6-9 months, Best Bitch Puppy overall, Best of
   Breed, BPISS-13 (Best in Show Puppy)
- Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke": Best Intermediatemale with Exc, CQ, Best Male, Best of Breed,  
   BISS-13 (Best in Show) and Best Movements
- SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter": 4th Best Intermediatemale with Exc.
- CIB NORDUCH EECH SEVCH RLDN RLDF Hamnuddens Fischer CV "Moa": 2nd Best
  Championbitch with Exc, CQ, 7th Best Bitch.
- SEUCH FINCH SEVCH Kadamo Thinking of Tilley "Tilly" Exc but unplaced in Championclass
- SEVCH Kadamo An Angel in Abbey "Indra" VG and unplaced in Openclass

Results for other dogs I showed:
- NUCH Kangelani's Gentle Teo Son of Clay "Teo": 2nd Best Championmale with CQ (brother to
  upcoming F-litter daddy Leo)
- SEVCH Adorea's Ridged Chewbecca "Becca": Best Intermediatebitch with Exc, CQ (shown by
   me) 3rd Best Bitch (shown by her owner)
- SEVCH Ghali Excellent Nassak "Eldar": VG and unplaced in Openclass

Full report from our weekend:
Early Friday morning me and my dogs was packed in the car and started our drive towards Skåne. After a little hickup where I had to turn around and drive back home again to get my backpack that I forgot... we were on our way.
Seven hours later we arrived in Fjälkinge at my friend Patricia's house (Kennel Zipperbacks). There I held a 2 hour long showtraining for 13 Ridgebacks and their owners. Very nice dogs and people!
After this I drove another hour to the showground at Backagården in Höör. I was sharing a cabin with 6 of my puppybyers and their dogs, Loke, Dante, Indra and Ebba.
We had a nice evening with some special made Kadamo Breezer drinks (THANK YOU Tomas and Jonny), some boardgames and snacks!
The show didn't start until 11 am the next day so we had no rush to go to bed! That's a first when you are showing the next day!

Saturday morning arrived and first to enter the ring was me and Mira in Puppyclass bitches 6-9 months. My sweet little princess won her class (5 bitches) and got to compete against the winner of 4-6 months bitches. Mira won and became Best Bitch and got to compete for Best of Breed and BISS which she also won, out of 14 puppies! Mira's second BPISS this summer! That girl has really had a rocking start of her showcareer!

Judge Mr Richard van Aken, SA thought this of her:
"Excellent bitch. Well-balanced female. Good clean neck, nice angulations in toes. Posternum nice. Good topline, excellent angulation in hindquarters. Well presented. Best Puppy!"

After her I got to show Kadamo Johnny Walker "Loke" in intermediateclass. Last time I showed him was in March, since then we have been "hiding" him in the closet giving him some time to develop and fill out his body. And he really has during these passed months.
In this class his brother SEJW-12 Kadamo Rob Roy "Dexter" was also shown and both brothers did well and gained Excellent, something we later on would know was really good! Less than half of the dogs shown this weekend got Excellent, the rest Very Good.
Loke ended up winning the class with the only CQ handed out, and Dexter finished nicely 4th.

I kept busy during the day waiting for the Best Male finals by showing a Wilson son from kennel Ghali in openclass. He was unfortunately one of the dogs who got Very Good today. In championclass I had the priviligue to show a brother to my upcoming F-litters daddy Leo. I showed NUCH Kangelani's Gentle Teo Son of Clay to a nice 2nd place in Championclass. Only classwinners this day was rewarded Champion Quality...
So, finally time for Best Male! And I was more than happy to show handsome Loke again, I just love running in a large ring with that boy! He sure can move!
And move we did! Lots of running and finally, there we were, standing as number 1! I almost left the ring because I thought the judge thanked us off... But he sure did not!
Handsome Loke, our 16 months old darling boy Best Male at BISS-13 with his first CAC!!! Happy?! Me?! I was over the moon! Not only being his breeder, standing there as handler and co-owner made it really special!

Loke's critque:
"Dog of substance. Slightly troathy in the neck. Excellent topline, strong in bone. Excellent drive from back. Well presented. BISS-13"

We had a wonderful evening at the showground with great food arranged by the Ridgeback Club, thank you for that! After an amazing day we went to bed, happy, excited and tired with a lot of expectations on the second day!
Sunday morning and we started off with petclass. Ridgebacks with some kind of fault was shown and judged by Anneli Jönsson.
In maleclass we had Kadamo Jack Daniels "Zimba" with his owner Amanda for the very first time in the ring together. They did a wonderful job and ended up 3rd Best Petmale! Congrats!
In bitchclass his sister Kadamo Bloody Mary "Ebba" and her owner Isabel showed off and also did a great job! So proud of you! Ebba finished as 4th Best Petbitch! Great job and congratulations!

Today I helped show SEVCH Adorea's Ridged Chewbecca "Becca" for my friend Pernilla in Intermediateclass. We did a pretty decent job together and ended up with Excellent and winning the class with CQ! 
After this I had a break before it was time for me and Moa to enter the Championclass. Sweet Moa did a good job and recieved Excellent and finished as 2nd Best Championbitch with CQ! Sooo happy about this! 
So time for Best Bitch and I was so excited when Moa and I was picked out in top 10 for placement! She finished nicely as 7th Best Bitch! Her second time being placed (and shown) at BISS! 

Moa's critique:
"Red wheaten. Reasonable angulation front, good in back. Could improve on topline. Moves well with good drive from the back."

I am soooo proud of her, being 7 years old in one week, being a mother of three beautiful litters, still being able to win and beat lovely dogs, AND now also proven herself as a great broodbitch. With offsprings winning several BISS, BIS and BOB placements as puppies and now also as adults! Soooo proud!!!

After a short breather (for me!) and water me and Loke was ready to show off and try to win that desirable BISS-13 title! When I ran into the ring I had goosebumps on my arms, such an amazing feeling! The joy I felt when the judge held out his hand towards me as the winner with Loke! A moment I will treassure for a very very long time!
I have only cried in the showring once before, and that was when Moa (Loke's mother) became Champion. But this moment, was truly worth the second public showring cry! ;-)

THANK you all for this wonderful weekend, your company, your support, your congratulations and your shared joy! No names mentioned, no one forgotten!
Also a BIG thank you to SRRS Skåne for a well organized show, nice prizes and a great After Show Dinner!


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