Last day all together/ 8 week photos!

Here we are... this day came so fast! The final day all together before the puppies start to move to their new families tomorrow. 
We have had a busy day, I think the puppies know that it is their last day with me and in my home, because they have been wild!
We started the day playing in all the snow that came yesterday. The puppies don't mind at all being out in the cold, more the opposite! At least when it is not colder than -5 degrees. 
After that it was time for a nap before another playtime but now in the kitchen, and again puppies going wild! What can I say, at least they are having fun!
I hadn't planned to stack them again but since they were all in the kitchen I just thought what the hell, and I am glad I did. I think all the puppies look so great, I am very proud of each and everyone of them.
After this and some food the puppies finally fell a sleep again and I got to walk the big dogs. But then the evening has been crazy again! 
Playing outside, inside, barking, screaming, sleeping and it all starts over again!

I will be a bit sad to see them go tomorrow, but since Mira is staying I know I will get busy anyway! And also I have a puppy to kiss and cuddle! So I think I will survive.
Below are the pictures and video from today!

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