Moa day 28: First belly pictures!

Today Moa is on day 28 of her pregancy (4 weeks). So almost halftime already! Five more weeks to go!
She is doing so well, her previous litters she has by now been feeling a little bit sick, but not so far this time. She isn't playing that much anymore, even though she has plenty of energy, she avoids the rough games with the other dogs. 
I think she has grown a lot this week, I can really feel that she has a pregnant belly, even though is is still very small if you compare to how big it will be the last week. I don't know if that means that she has a bigger litter than what we could see on the first ultrasound, or if it is only because her belly has been stretched out with two previous litters?!
I have added a little schedule with Moa meassurements. I will try to weigh her every week and meassure her belly and waist, so you can see and follow how she grows.

Below are pictures of Moa from today, day 28 and a couple of new photos that I found of daddy to be, Kimba! Enjoy!

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