Lucia and E-litter 3 weeks old!

Finally puppies are three weeks old and I took the first real stacked photos of them. Very happy to see how they are looking at this early age. The next few weeks will be sooo interesting!
They were all weighed today and they have all passed 2 kg. Smallest at this point is Ms Red at 2060 g and our biggest is Mr Black at 2670 g.
They are still getting lots of milk from Moa and one meal a day of minced meat from me. Their weights is clearly not a problem! As the weeks go on they will be fed more often by me and get less and less milk from Moa, until the last week or two when they only get food and Moa stops letting them suckle.
You can tell she is not as comfortable anymore since they got their teeth. So she will just enjoy it less and less...
Below are today's individual photos, of course in a Christmas theme since it is Lucia today! Enjoy! 

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