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We are back home again! Yesterday I took a bloodtest on Moa around 11.05 am and drove to the vet clinic to get it analyzed. It would take a bit more than an hour to run in the machine so I drove to the woods nearby for a walk. 
Since I was her last year and luckily know were to go, so Moa and I enjoyed an hour in the woods. I also found some "trattkantereller" which I brought back to the vetclinic and gave to my vet!
When the test was done it showed that her progesterone was 14 ng/ml which is 44,5 nmol/L. This is a bit lower than we thought if woul be, so to be sure they ran the bloodtest again, and this time it showed 15 ng/ml or 47,7 nmol/L. 

They always want the progesterone to be higher than 15 or 45, so this means that the AI done on Sunday was probably to early.
You always count from the day the dog is ovulating which we know Moa did on Friday. The progesterone is then between 15-20 nmol/L and Moa had 25 nmol/L. So after that the  AI should be done after about 2-3 days, which in this case was Sunday and Monday. 
The vet and I discussed if we should wait one more day with the second AI, but that would be 4 days after ovulation which she thought would be too late, even though the progesterone wasn't higher.
So we did the second AI in the afternoon at 14.45 pm. Moa once again doing great, even though she now knows what is happening as we go into the room and she jumps up on the table.
After that AI she once again had to stand on the tilted table for 10 minutes which seems to be the most boring thing she has ever done... 

When we were all finished we drove straight to Helsinki and to the ferry and spend the rest of the evening once again in bed watching movies! It is good to be back home, the dogs very happy to see eachother, and Moa still very much in love with Dando, obviously the man of her dreams! 

Now all we can do is wait... 3-4 weeks before I will know if this little trip has been successful! I know I will be a nervous wreck until then so please, people around me, be patient! 

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So, here we are! We took the ferry yesterday afternoon from Stockholm to Helsinki in Finland. It was a long evening, I watched three movies before bedtime and one more in the morning!
Moa who is now a used traveler she knows exactly were to pee on deck. It was raining and very windy both last night and this morning when I took her out on deck. As soon as I pointed to the little sandbox that is there for the dogs she went in, did her buisness and we headed back in!

As we arrived we drove to Opvet to pick up the semen. As we got there we had some extra time so took Moa, despite the rain, on a walk in the woods. After that we headed to Mäntsälä and the vet that was kind enough to help us today even though they are acctually closed on Sundays, Tuire Tamminen. She also helped me last year.
She checked the semen which had a motility of 50 % which is ok for frozen semen that is a few years old. The alive once was very much alive! I got to have a look at them in the microscope aswell. 
The vet uses an endoscop to go in and watching a TV screen to make sure they insert the semen as far in as it should go, to help the chances of pregnancy. Frozen semen normally lives up to 12 hours, sometimes as long as up to 24 hr. Fresh semen from a normal mating lives up to 7 days!!! So that is why AI with frozen semen isn't as rewarding as a normal mating. But when the male you choose lives oceans away you don't really have a choice!

After the mating we went to meet a few of Yaya's nephews and her breeder Anne Sassi-Kaitala, kennel Tarujen. We were also joined by Elina Sarva and "Myy" (FINCH EECH EEJCH Kadamo The Girl Next Door). Unfortunately it was raining very very hard so no oportunity for photoshooting... 
I went on a wet walk with them, but Moa got to stay in the car, didn't want her to move or pee so close the AI.
After this wet and cold but still nice get together me and Moa headed for our hotel, Scandic Järvenpää and checked in. Moa has her own bed which she has slept in snoring since we arrived! So looks like a quiet evening infront of the computer and TV for us!

Tomorrow we are taking a progesteronetest and depending on the results, having the second AI before heading back to Helsinki and the ferry back home to Stockholm. Next update probably not until Thuesday when we are back home!
Keep your fingers crossed now that she is already pregnant!!!

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Today in the afternoon I took the second progesteronetest at 15.30 pm. Her level was 25 nmol/L which means she has been ovulating today. The AI should be done 2-3 days after the ovulation, which means Sunday and Monday. So I am happy that my first plan for the days was correct. Me and Moa is getting on the ferry tomorrow afternoon and arrive in Helsinki on Sunday morning.
Will update you again once we get to the hotel in Järvenpää were we are staying between Sunday and Monday!
Have a great weekend everyone, I will!

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Today Moa is on day 15 of her heat. I took the first progesteronetest at 10.40. It showed 9 nmol/L. So her levels are starting to rise, but she is not ovulating yet. And after she has ovulated (which I expect will be tomorrow or Saturday) we will wait two days before the first AI.
So tomorrow I will take a second test, and based on that we will decide when the first AI will be done. Unfortunately we won't be able to do any more tests during the weekend, so next will be on Monday. But I hope that the first AI will be Sunday and the second on Monday. That would mean it is done on exactly same days at last time, on day 18 an 19 in her heat.
Will keep you all posted!

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Our trip to Finland for Moa's AI is getting closer. Last time she was inseminated on day 18 and 19 in the heat, which this time will be this Sunday and Monday.
So I will take the first bloodtest on Thursday and next one on Friday to get an idea of how fast her progesterone is rising. My ferry is booked for Friday arriving in Helsinki before lunch on Saturday. I will then drive to pick up the semen and head to the veterinary, if Moa's bloodtests shows that she is ready for the AI already on Saturday.
I am very excited about the litter, but this year not so excited about the trip to Finland by myself... To spend time on a boring ferry and on my own at a hotel... But the good thing is that I will get to meet Myy (FINCH EECH EEJCH Kadamo The Girl Next Door) who lived there. I have seen her about once a year since she left Sweden 3 ½ years ago. Still wish I would see her more often!
Will keep you updated on our progress the next few days and this weekend!

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Moa has now started her heat, on the 6th of September. So this journey has now begun! So exctiting! Moa and I will take the ferry to Finland on Friday the 21th of September and meet the veterinarian Merja Dahlbom or the AI on Saturday/Sunday/Monday, depending on Moa's progesteronelevels.
This is the same veterinarian that helped me last year when we went to Finland for the AI for the D-litter. They are very proffessional and I feel like me and Moa are in good hands!
I will update this Pregnancy and Puppy Diary as the weeks go by, so you can follow everything that is happening! Keep your fingers crossed that we will have small little Moa x Kimba puppies by the end of November!

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