New individual stacks 6 weeks old!

The puppies are 6 weeks old today and as usuall it was time for another photoshoot. This week I didn't have Johanna here to help me with headshots and I quickly gave up trying... So only stacked photos of them this week.
But you get to see their darling faces in all the mixed photos instead so I hope you can survive!
This afternoon they are all getting weighed again and dewormed for the last time before they move to their new homes. 
They are such a sweet bunch, and I am still wondering when those little devil personalities will kick in... But still they are so sweet. Of course a bit of barking and chewing but they listen most of the time when I tell them to stop, and they all just crawl up in my lap for cuddles and kisses.
They all get to come and cuddle with me on couch now and then, and they are enjoying playing outside, in the hallway and kitchen. They enjoy all our visitors too, but I have to say that they are not awake all that long when I have people here, but of course once they have left they always get wild...
Below are todays stacked photos and the puppies official names.

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