Playing both indoors and outdoors!

I understand that you puppybyers out there are waiting for new photos so here they are. The last few days the puppies has gotten to go outside to play. We still have some snow left, or more ice than snow actually. The puppies enjoyed to go outside  of my own little area to see a little bit more of the world. 
Moa was so excited when they got to follow her outside, because with a bigger area she has more room and she directly starts to play with them. So sweet to see, she really wants to interract with them and outdoors it is easier.
On Thurday she nursed them for the last time, since then no more milk. This is normal for her, to quit nursing at 6 weeks of age. Now they are eating solid food four times a day.
The puppies have also been in the kitchen for a while each day to get some of their energy out of the system. I have to say that I think they are all doing wonderful at peeing and pooing outside. In the mornings I get up when they are still asleep and hurry in and let them outside. Then all of them pee and some poo and I clean their puppypen.
Everytime they all wake up after sleeping and also after every feeding I call them and they follow me outside and do their business. Of course they still do in inside now and then too, but still I am very happy with them. Hopefully it will not be to difficult to get them housetrained once they move.
On Thursday when they were 6 weeks old I weighed them all and they are now between 5,1-6,3 kg. Most of them around 5,5 kg. 
They were dewormed for the last time here at home before they moved aswell and it wasn't any problems, even though they don't think it tastes good at all.
This weekend Erik is here with Svea, the 4 months old German Huntingterrier. So now for a couple of days they have another dog to play with!
Pictures and videos from the passed couple of days below.

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