Kadamo's Elvis-litter is born!

As most of you know it was an eventful 34 hours for us while waiting for our E-litter to arrive. It all started Wednesday morning around 9.30 am when Moa' started to breath heavy, just as the bitches do when they are preparing for delivering puppies. 
During the day I controlled her temperature which had droppes to 36,9 C and stayed like that for a while. Eventually in the afternoon/evening the temperature raised to 37,2 C .
Around 18 pm Louise (who owns Thea from the C-litter) came to keep me company. And our long wait begun! Around 00.20 am on she had her first contractions. So next fase had begun, and she had start to get the puppies lined up ready to meet the world!
But after this it took some time... I was never really worried, since she rested well between her contractions. But I an once I acctually dialed the number to the animalhospital but decided to wait. Because she just then at around 4 am started to have stronger and more contractions, and I felt like now we had the first puppy acctually on the way.
At 04.32 am he was a born! A beautiful strong and dark male with a tiny white chestmark. His ridge looks like a singlecrown and is slightly short I think, so a wonderful pet boy weighing 620 g. He got the black collar.
At 04.48 am our second boy was born. The largest of them all weighing 645 g (still a 105 g smaller than Moa's overall largest puppy!). He had a wonderful dark colour, a correct ridge and no white. He got the blue collar.
Our third male was born at 05.43 am and him also with a great correct ridge and a small white chestmark. He weighed 625 g and got the green collar.

So at this point, three boys were born and I was starting to wonder where my girls were!
At 06.32 am I didn't have to wonder anymore, because then the first girl was born. A lovely correct girl who weighed 580 g with a small white chestmark. She got the red collar.
Louise had to leave after this girl to get to class. Thank you Louise for staying awake with me the whole night keeping us company!
At 07.00 am our second girl was born, her also with a correct ridge and a small white chestmark. She weighed 585 g and she got the pink collar.
Right after her came her third and final sister, at 07.08 am. Almost identical weight, at 588 g all three girls are very even. She also with a correct ridge and small white chestmark and she got the purple collar.

After this I waited... and waited...  I took her out, ran a little to help things along but still not enough happend. It is normal for her to take a few hours break, so in the beginning I wasn't worried, and Moa was so calm and doing good.
But at 10.42 am I went in to feel with my fingers and all I could feel was the tail. The backlegs was turned forward and not back as they are supposed to. I couldn't reach to get the legs back or to push the puppy back in. Half an hour later I felt again and it was in the same position, and I decided we needed help.
My dad came and picked me, Moa and the puppies up and we drove to Djursjukhuset Albano which is the closest animal hospital from me.
We got to wait for a while but eventually a vet came to assist us. They are more used to bitches not having or having small contractions. But this is not Moa's problem at all, she has great contractions, so in this case it was only the puppy coming in a bad position that caused her not to be able to push it out herself.
The vet went in her vagina with almost her whole hand and during contractions and Moa's painful cries she managed to get one of the backlegs pointing backwards! First success. Moa got to rest, eat and drink for a while before trying a second time, to get the second back also.
So after about 30 min we tried again. And to my great relief the vet got a hold of the second leg aswell, and with Moa's good contraction out he came! 
It was absolutely horrible to hear Moa cry like that, is broke my heart and I couldn't hold back my tears. She was so brave, giving her best pushes and knowing the vet helped her and didn't want to hurt her.
It was about 13.50 pm that he was finally born, a showquality male, acctually the smallest of the males, but about the same size as the girls. (I wasn't able to weigh him until today, and he now weighs 542 g). 
He didn't suckle well at all yesterday and was crying a lot last night. The next few days will show if he is ok or not after his long trip out into this world!
I cried a few tears of joy this morning when I have been able to get him to suckle a couple of times. I had previusly "milked" Moa into a syringe and fed him with that. But it is not great since he needs to suckle and swallow by himself. So keep your fingers crossed for this boy!
At 15.10 pm our number eight was born, a handsome male with correct ridge and a small white chestmark. Him also weighed for the first time today, weighing 630 g so about the size as the other males.
Moa seemed very calm after this and we wondered if she was finished. So we took and X-ray and it showed that she still had one more puppy left to deliver. 
I decided to stay at the animalhospital until he came out, to make sure everything was fine before going home. And I am glad I did...
Because this boy didn't want to come out. I knew from the X-ray he had a long way to go before he would be ready, so me and the vet expected it to take a couple of hours. But after 2-3 hours had gone and he still wasn't out it was time to do something. I could feel his head when Moa pushed but he didn't come further. 
I took Moa outside, ran, walked up and down the stairs, gave her some food for energy and water. But still, he didn't come further out.
By now we had another vet to help us and unfortunately I had to wait for her help, because she was stuck in surgery with another emergancy patient. 
But when she finally came to help we had to do the same procedure, so Moa stood with her front legs a bit up on a table and the vet used her hand to eventually get a hold of the puppies head. With a few contractions, some more terrible cries from Moa we got him out right before 20.00 pm. He felt more stiff than the other puppies and feared the worst... But I gave him my all with rubbing trying to get him and his heart starting, but after the vet had listen to his heart twice and no heartbeat was found we gave up. He had died before coming out, which was probably the reason to why it took so long, since he wasn't stimulating contractions aswell as his body not being as adjustable as a living puppy.
After such a long day, night and day it was a very very sad ending of this litters delivery. He was a nice correct boy, and I couldn't find any DS on him. (I haven't checked all the other puppies yet).
Moa got to care for him for a while, and you could tell she understood he was dead. It was amazing to see how she handled him compared to the other puppies. She took him in his mouth, licked him and pushed, like she tried to get his heart started. But when she realised he was dead she just took him in her mouth, laid down with him still in it, then laid him down next to her and just laid her own head just next to him. So sad to see... and more tears...
After saying our good byes to this precious boy we were finally on our way back home.

I want to thank my wonderful dad who kept us company, drove us and made sure that Dando and Yaya got to go out and be fed! I love you!

Once we got home Moa got settled in the puppybox with her 8 wonders. She was tired and after some food she slept and snored loudly. When I finally went to bed after about 36 hours awake my body was more than grateful! Not that we got a very peaceful sleep the first hours... Mr Orange screaming now and then, someone screaming because he didn't get enough food, or crying because they had wondered off away from mommy and siblings. But eventually they were all asleep together and I could get some kind of decent sleep aswell.

Below are the first pictures of the puppies taken during the day and evening yesterday. I will post individual photos of them all later on! Enjoy!

For you who are waiting to hear from me if one of these puppies will be yours, give me a few days! Since we got less girls than we hoped for I need to concider my options! Thank you for your patience!

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