New pictures of the puppies!

Puppies are today 5 days old. I can't believe that it has almost been a week now since they were born?! Were did the days go?! Today has been a good day, all the puppies and Moa is doing just fine. It feels like all of us have now after the first hectic and distressed days have found a routine. Moa really shows that she has done this before, a very relaxed mum! The passed two night I haven't woken up as much either. Moa just goes up from the puppybox to drink water, if she needs to go out she will wake me up, otherwise she just goes back into the puppybox. 
Sometimes the puppies cry and wake me up when they get frustrated because they are too far away from the milkbar and needs some assistance.
Yaya has now gotten to come close to the puppybox and meet her small little brothers and sisters. I love to see the respect she is showing Moa, so attentive to her signals and always making sure Moa is relaxed with her presence. 
Well, pictures from last night and today updated below! Enjoy!

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