Christmas day with the puppies!

It's Christmas time! For me this doesn't really mean a big difference in our daily routine. Having eight 4½ week old puppies at home gives me some limits, but I am not complaining! 
I had Erik here until Christmas morning before he had to leave to go back home to his morning. They day I spend entertaining my dogs with a couple of walks and playing with the puppies. In the late afternoon it was time for me to head to my sisters house to celebrate a short version of Christmas with my whole family.
It was really wonderful, even though I of course which I could have stayed longer. But getting back home and getting into the puppyarea there is no other place I rather be. I think this feeling is like a drug to me. That unconditional love you feel from these little puppies is the best thing ever, and what I love even more is that my grown up puppies still show me this!
Being a breeder is the shit! ;-) 
Only a couple of days left now until they are 5 weeks old and our next photoshoot. We are getting a visit from our puppybyers living furthest away, and I hope they will fall in love with the puppies and pick their boy. After their visit I will try to make my decision to where each puppy will go, based on their apperance and personalities. So hold on for a little bit longer, soon you will all know which one of these pups that is yours!
Below are photos from yesterday and today. Enjoy it!

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