Moa day 56, just one more week to go!

Today Moa is on day 56, just one more week or less to go! A normal pregnancy last 63 days, but anytime between day 59-65 is normal. So I am trying to get everything ready this week, so we are all ready for a delivery this weekend.
Since I can't leave the puppies alone when they are born, I am very depending on my family and friends to help out now and then. So filling my fridge, freezer and cupboards with food, doing all necessary errands, washing all the dogblankets, my clothes and so on!
Dando and Yaya is of course having it a little bit more boring now... Yesterday Yaya got to come with me for a couple of hours and do some peopletracking together with Moa's son Zimba (Kadamo Jack Daniels). She was so happy! So hopefully I will be able to get out with her and Dando and do it more often when someone else is watching Moa (and soon also the puppies).
Moa did get me very nervous today when it was all of a sudden wet on the floor next to hear where she was sleeping! I thought her water broke! But it must have been pee... a puppy kicking her blatter when she was relaxed and asleep.  Is not easy! Not much room left in her belly anymore!

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