Getting closer!

Our trip to Finland for Moa's AI is getting closer. Last time she was inseminated on day 18 and 19 in the heat, which this time will be this Sunday and Monday.
So I will take the first bloodtest on Thursday and next one on Friday to get an idea of how fast her progesterone is rising. My ferry is booked for Friday arriving in Helsinki before lunch on Saturday. I will then drive to pick up the semen and head to the veterinary, if Moa's bloodtests shows that she is ready for the AI already on Saturday.
I am very excited about the litter, but this year not so excited about the trip to Finland by myself... To spend time on a boring ferry and on my own at a hotel... But the good thing is that I will get to meet Myy (FINCH EECH EEJCH Kadamo The Girl Next Door) who lived there. I have seen her about once a year since she left Sweden 3 ½ years ago. Still wish I would see her more often!
Will keep you updated on our progress the next few days and this weekend!

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