New mixed photos!

Me and the puppies have had a few busy days with lots of visitors. We all enjoy it very much! I am happy to have had all the new puppyfamilies here for visits now and also all of you now knowing which puppy you will get. 
The puppies has now had one more check for Dermoid sinus and other faults by Ridgeback breeder Šárka Štusáková from kennel Anunnaki in Czech, who in three weeks will bring Mr Yellow with her home to Czech. She found nothing! So very pleased with that!

I will treasure every hour I have with the puppies these last three weeks, well, maybe not the first wake hour in the morning, but all other hours I have with the puppies before they move!
They are almost always she sweetest things! ;-)
Below are some photos from today and yesterday, 36-37 days old. All puppies has now been outside checking out the snow for the first time and also played all together in the kitchen. So far they are easy to entertain!
Enjoy the photos!

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