Moa day 42

We are now 6 weeks along and Moa is today on day 42 in her pregnancy. Some new photos and meassurements has been taken, I think she has defintely grown since last week, but not so much in centimetres.
Tomorrow I am working so will bring her along and put her on the scale and get a new weight on her. Interesting to see what has happend there. By the end of the pregnancy she has usually gained ~1 kg per puppy. So quite a lot of extra weight to carry around in the end!
She is still doing very well. Outdoors you can't tell a difference, she enjoys our walks and is not slowing down yet. Indoors I can tell that things are happening. She is sometimes a little bit uncomfortable when trying to find a good way to sleep. She is also making her bed more often, scratching around. She also needs to go outside a little bit more often, guess all those puppies in her belly is taking up a bit of room now and also kicking her blatter!
But, still three weeks to go!

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