Elvis-litter 2 weeks old!

Today the puppies turned 2 weeks old. A big and for them "busy" day. Before lunch I had my weekly photoshoot trying to get some new individual photos of them all. 
Not the easiest since they were all pretty sleepy and rather laid down with their eyes closed than sit up and smile for the camera... 
In the afternoon it was time to weigh them all again and they keep on growing nicely. Not as chubby as last week, but still good steady puppies! 
In a few days they will get to try solid food for the first time. Just waiting to get some nice low on fat meet from my dad who is a hunter. The puppies can't digest fat so it is important to use meat with little fat in the beginning as they develop.
Today they all got dewormed for the first time. It was not popular and they didn't enjoy it all. But now they won't need it for another couple of weeks!
Below are todays individual photos! Enjoy!

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