Moa getting settled in the puppybox

Moa is today on day 52 in her pregnancy. The other day I put the puppybox together for her to start getting comfortable in. This week we have started to slow down our walks a bit, since she is now pretty heavy and only have 1 ½ weeks left.
She is still enjoying our walks, and she needs to go out often to pee. At home she sleeps a lot and saves energy for what is to come!
The puppies are really moving in her belly now, I love feeling them! I don't think Moa is enjoying them moving around as much as I do though. Her breathing is always a little bit heavier then... Pushing around in there!
I will try to get a video of her moving belly, so far it has been in the evenings mostly when it is to dark in the livingroom to get a good picture.

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