Puppyphotos 8-10 days old!

The puppies are 10 days old today and they have really grown these last few days. They are using a lot of facial expressions now, lifting eyebrows, moving their ears and so on. Adorable!
I can tell that it won't be long now until they open their eyes. Ms Pink, my smallest girl has been first out. Today half her eyes is open!
I love this stage, because they become more personal when their eyes is open, it's more fun when someone is looking back at you!
Enya is doing good, her apetite is very high, but she can't eat as much as she wants, I still need to adjust her portions. 
Her energy level is higher aswell so today she came along for a little bit longer walk around the neighbourhood. Still not a long walk, but at least longer than just walking around the house.

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