Back home again!

We are back home again! Yesterday I took a bloodtest on Moa around 11.05 am and drove to the vet clinic to get it analyzed. It would take a bit more than an hour to run in the machine so I drove to the woods nearby for a walk. 
Since I was her last year and luckily know were to go, so Moa and I enjoyed an hour in the woods. I also found some "trattkantereller" which I brought back to the vetclinic and gave to my vet!
When the test was done it showed that her progesterone was 14 ng/ml which is 44,5 nmol/L. This is a bit lower than we thought if woul be, so to be sure they ran the bloodtest again, and this time it showed 15 ng/ml or 47,7 nmol/L. 

They always want the progesterone to be higher than 15 or 45, so this means that the AI done on Sunday was probably to early.
You always count from the day the dog is ovulating which we know Moa did on Friday. The progesterone is then between 15-20 nmol/L and Moa had 25 nmol/L. So after that the  AI should be done after about 2-3 days, which in this case was Sunday and Monday. 
The vet and I discussed if we should wait one more day with the second AI, but that would be 4 days after ovulation which she thought would be too late, even though the progesterone wasn't higher.
So we did the second AI in the afternoon at 14.45 pm. Moa once again doing great, even though she now knows what is happening as we go into the room and she jumps up on the table.
After that AI she once again had to stand on the tilted table for 10 minutes which seems to be the most boring thing she has ever done... 

When we were all finished we drove straight to Helsinki and to the ferry and spend the rest of the evening once again in bed watching movies! It is good to be back home, the dogs very happy to see eachother, and Moa still very much in love with Dando, obviously the man of her dreams! 

Now all we can do is wait... 3-4 weeks before I will know if this little trip has been successful! I know I will be a nervous wreck until then so please, people around me, be patient! 

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