Puppies almost 2 weeks old!

The puppies are 13 days old today, which means 2 weeks and new individual photoshoot tomorrow.
They are soooo adorable now. They have started to interract with eachother, they still don't have any teeth, but it looks like they are tasting eachother. They now enjoy being picked up and held closely for some kisses, so of course getting some of that each day!
Today I took the sidebar out of the puppybox which will gice them all a little bit more room, which is good now when they are starting to move around.
They now pee and poo without Moa's help, but they are still to small to be able to walk away to do it... It will make it a lot nicer when they start to do that, easier to keep a clean bed and an open floor surface for them then. But for now the whole puppybox is still covered with blankets.
Below are some photos from yesterday and today aswell as two videos from today. Enjoy!

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