We are getting big!

Here is a bunch of photos from the past two days. The puppies has gotten a little bit of minced elkmeat two days in a row, amazing how fast they got a hang of it! They love it! Guessing today won't be different!
They are doing pretty well with walking out of their dogbed to pee on the papers on the floor, most of the time they make it...
Yesterday I build out the puppybox a little bit giving them a little bit more space to walk around in. They are really becoming more dogs now. A lot more barking, growling and playing. And they are starting to really enjoy every time I come in to cuddle. Real sweethearts that is more than happy to share some wet kisses with you!
Their tiny teeth is starting to break trough, so guessing Moa and her poor nipples will soon have an even harder time! They have started to taste more things, my clothes, the toys, each other... Guessing that is the itching teeth talking! 
This morning I got and idea of what the next 5-6 weeks will bring... they were loud! Very loud playtime this morning, so soon I can say bye bye to sleeping in in the mornings!
Enjoy the pictures below, of the puppies 16 and 17 days old!

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