Things has started to happen!

Moa is today on day 58 (counted from second AI) and this morning her behaviour has changed. She doesn't have much appetite, she has done number two more often than normal outside (which is normal before a delivery) and her breathing is heavier.
She goes into the puppybox and dogbeds to nest, scratching the blankets around, also normal and important behaviour.
Her normal temperature is around 37,5 C (37,4-37,8 C) and this morning her temperature has dropped to first 37,1 C and later to 36,9 C. 
This can go on for a while, with the temperature changing, the delivery will start when the temperature rises again. This has during her previous deliverys taken between 11-24 hours. So I don't expect any puppies until earliest tonight.
I will try to update here on the homepage as we go along, but probably more updates on Faebook.  So easiest to follow us there! (My name on Facebook is Karin Furst Kennel Kadamo).
Wish us good luck and keep your fingers crossed for Moa and the long night she has infront of her!

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