Almost 3 weeks old already!

Puppies are 19 days old today and everyone is doing great. I had to work for a few hours today so my dad came to watch them and Moa, and it felt like they had grown just during those few hours I was gone!
It is unbelievable how much I love these little once already! Their personalities has started to shine and they are sooo cuddly! Loves to come up and get some kisses!

This evening I cut their claws for the second time, all 144 of them! I also recieved new covers to my Biabeds, so I could change into the big one for the puppies. More room for them but also better for Moa when she is in there feeding them.
Their little playarea is also a little bit bigger now so they have more room to walk around during their short awake periods during the day.
Only two more days now until they are 3 weeks old and the next individual photoshoot! Time is going sooo fast! Just a little bit over 5 weeks left until they can move! But trying not to think about that now, they are still mine and only mine! ;-)

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