New pictures and all puppies DS clear!

Today the puppies are 4 days old. They are all doing very well and gaining a lot of weight. I think pretty much all of them will be over or well over 1 kg when they turn 1 week old on Thursday. 
Moa had mastitis for two days with high fever first day and still fever, but lower yesterday. Luckily today she is doing great again. 
Yesterday Moa's breeder Anna from kennel Hamnudden came to check the puppies for DS and other faults. I had already checked them once but it is nice to hear that they are clear from someone else. 
And she couldn't find any DS, kinked tails or any other faults, expext for Mr Blacks singlecrown. 
Our nights are becoming more and more peaceful, meaning I don't have to wake up so many times anymore. Happy about that of course!
Below are a video of the puppies feeding from the milkbar today and below it a bunch of new photos taken yesterday and today! Enjoy!

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