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Today Moa is on day 35 of her pregnancy, more than half time! She is doing very well. Our walks has been a bit shorter this week because we have Erik's puppy to adjust around. But next week I hope it will get better again. It is important that Moa stays in good shape before her delivery of the puppies. That will be hard work for her, so good if she stays active and fit as long as she can.

This week she has really grown a lot. Her belly is 8 cm larger than last week. When I compare her belly to last year/last litter she is bigger already. Perhaps only because she has had two litters, or just a lot of big puppies in there?! 
Very exciting now, just one more month to go!

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Today at work I took the opportunity to do a second ultrasound. Last week we confirmed Moa being pregnant, but it was hard to determine the size of the litter. And to say exactly how many puppies there is is impossible with ultrasound, but at least you can see if there is a big or small litter.
Last week a lot of the puppies was "hidden" so hard to say how many they were. Today 8 days later they are a lot bigger so easier to see. And to me it looked crowded! At least a lot more than the 5 we could see last time.
I could see at least 3-4 puppies on the screen at the same time, so I would guess between 6-10 puppies. Moa has been doing great and still eats like a horse. By this time during her past two pregnancys she has stopped eating her food. But not this time, more the opposite, she is constantly hungry!
Below you can see some photos from the ultrasound and above you can see a short movie from the ultrasound, not the best quality since I held the camera with one hand and did the ultrasound with the other...
Today I also got a package that I ordered with some new blankets for the puppies, puppycollars and more. Getting so excited now and counting the days! But still a long time to go, so trying to keep my patience! New pictures of Moa and her growing belly is coming next week!

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Today Moa is on day 28 of her pregancy (4 weeks). So almost halftime already! Five more weeks to go!
She is doing so well, her previous litters she has by now been feeling a little bit sick, but not so far this time. She isn't playing that much anymore, even though she has plenty of energy, she avoids the rough games with the other dogs. 
I think she has grown a lot this week, I can really feel that she has a pregnant belly, even though is is still very small if you compare to how big it will be the last week. I don't know if that means that she has a bigger litter than what we could see on the first ultrasound, or if it is only because her belly has been stretched out with two previous litters?!
I have added a little schedule with Moa meassurements. I will try to weigh her every week and meassure her belly and waist, so you can see and follow how she grows.

Below are pictures of Moa from today, day 28 and a couple of new photos that I found of daddy to be, Kimba! Enjoy!

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I am so excited! Today trough ultrasound Moa was confirmed pregnant! I have had my doubts since the AI was a bit unsure with Moa's progesteronelevels. So the best news ever to see those little "bubbles" in there!
Today is only day 21 in her pregnancy so they are still very small. But we could see atleast 4-5 puppies. Not a huge litter, but since this will be Moa's last litter feels like that is an ok way to go before retirering from motherhood!
Six more weeks to go before we will have those little "Kimo's" (Kimba x Moa puppies) here with us! It will be the longest six weeks ever!

Dag 22
Embryon - Öronen börjar bildas


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Two weeks has now gone by! Seven more to go! I need to stay calm for another week before I can say anything about her being pregnant or not. I have a good feeling so hopefully it will come true!
She is still doing just great, cuddly on the couch during the evenings and happy outside during our walks. 
If she starts showing signs of pregnancy in about one week I will most likely wait until 4 weeks to do an ultrasound. If she isn't showing any signs or if I am just to nervous I will do it during next week.  Either way we should within one or two weeks what's hiding in that belly!

Dag 16
Embryona bäddas in i livmodern. Det kallas nidation

Embryona bäddas in i livmodersväggen, där de fortsätter att utvecklas.
De omges successivt av skyddande fosterhinnor där de får alla näringsämnen som krävs.
Moderkakan (placenta), som bildas under dräktigheten, kommer ut vid födseln och tiken äter ofta upp den. Vilket är helt naturligt och även nyttigt för tiken.

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The first week out of nine is now over and Moa is on day 7 in her "hopefully" pregnancy! I have been pretty calm this week. I am trying to not think about it too much, since that makes me too nervous...
Moa is doing just fine, happy and hungry as always. The first signs has come around 3 weeks on her previous pregnancys. She has then stopped enjoying her food for a week or so. So another two weeks before those signs can be expected. I will also do an ultrasound, not sure when though, it depends on if she shows signs of pregnancy or not!

I took her first meassurements today to compare with as she grows.
Moa day 7:
Weight: 38,2 kg
Waist: 57 cm
Belly: 64 cm

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Day: Weight:   Belly:   Waist: 
7 (1 weeks)   38,2 kg   64 cm   57 cm
21 (3 weeks)   38,2 kg   64 cm   61 cm
28 (4 weeks)   39,5 kg   67 cm   62 cm
35 (5 weeks)     75 cm   65 cm
42 (6 weeks)   43,5 kg   77 cm   67 cm
49 (7 weeks)   46,7 kg
  87 cm   76 cm
56 (8 weeks)     94 cm   80 cm

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