Second ultrasound on day 29

Today at work I took the opportunity to do a second ultrasound. Last week we confirmed Moa being pregnant, but it was hard to determine the size of the litter. And to say exactly how many puppies there is is impossible with ultrasound, but at least you can see if there is a big or small litter.
Last week a lot of the puppies was "hidden" so hard to say how many they were. Today 8 days later they are a lot bigger so easier to see. And to me it looked crowded! At least a lot more than the 5 we could see last time.
I could see at least 3-4 puppies on the screen at the same time, so I would guess between 6-10 puppies. Moa has been doing great and still eats like a horse. By this time during her past two pregnancys she has stopped eating her food. But not this time, more the opposite, she is constantly hungry!
Below you can see some photos from the ultrasound and above you can see a short movie from the ultrasound, not the best quality since I held the camera with one hand and did the ultrasound with the other...
Today I also got a package that I ordered with some new blankets for the puppies, puppycollars and more. Getting so excited now and counting the days! But still a long time to go, so trying to keep my patience! New pictures of Moa and her growing belly is coming next week!

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