Puppies 7 ½ weeks old!

Last week with the puppies! And we are keeping busy!  Yesterday we had five out of seven puppyfamilies here to start their puppyclass. They got to listen to me talk for hours! ;-)
Of course there was time for kisses and cuddles too, and they all got to cut their puppys claws and learn some basic training.
Today we have had a few visitors and the puppies has also enjoyed some playing out in the snow. It is colder here now so they can't be outside for very long, but they still seem to enjoy it! No typical ridgebacks here!
In the afternoon today they got some nice meatbones to chew on and that kept them busy for an hour or so. After that they fell asleep and slept heavily for a while! Perfect way to entertain young puppies! 
Now both puppies and me are tired so time to get ready for bed! On Tuesday we are going to the veterianarian to have them all healthchecked and vaccinated before they start so move on Thursday.
Below are some pictures and a video from this weekend, enjoy!

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