Elvis-litter 4 ½ weeks old

The puppies are 4 ½ weeks old now and definetely getting wilder each day. The playtimes are getting tougher and they are using those sharp little teeths! Both on each other and visitors! So getting some new toys, cardboardboxes and other things to entertain them.
Erik has also been here with his two dogs Kiwi and Svea. Svea is a german huntingterrier who now is 4 months old and absolutely loving the puppies. She has been allowed by Moa to be in the puppypen with the puppies and play, guessing she is ok to do that since she is only a puppy herself. And also because Moa is a very calm and secure dog, so she accepts pretty much anything that I say is ok. 
Below are a couple of videos and also lots of new photos of the puppies 29-31 days old.

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