More fun with the puppies!

The weather continues to gives summertemperatures and we are just loving it! The puppies went for their second carride yesterday to spend the day in Enya's owners garden. Great day for both puppies  and the adult dogs!
Today it was time for another adventure! I took them in the car and drove to the woods to give them a new environment to check out. 
The seemed to love it and they are not scared what so ever... I would say they are almost too brave! Puppies everywhere going off on their own... and me being alone, keeping and eye on all ten puppies aswell as the four big dogs...
It was the limit of what I was able to control! So after a short little adventure we headed back home, me probably even more tired than the puppies!
Crossing my fingers that this summerweather will continue for a little bit longer so we can go on more lovely little trips!
Below you can enjoy photos of the puppies from the past two days!

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