Insemination is done!

This morning at 9 am I took a second progesteronetest on Enya and she has rised faster than we had expected. From 5 nmol/L on Friay to 36 nmol/L today.
So after a phonecall to Marit in Norway Leo was on his way to the vet clinic to have his semen collected and shipped to Stockholm.
At 19.30 me and Enya's owner Camilla came to Arlanda Airport and picked up the chilled fresh semen and drove from there straight to SLU/Ultuna in Uppsala. There we had a late evening appointment with Eva Axnér who is a specialist in dog reproduction.
After some different exams of Enya she was clear to go! Everything looked perfect and the timing seem to  be good. 
The semen was also of good quality so the AI was done, around 21.40 pm. When she was finished Enya got to sit with her butt high up in my lap for almost 15 minutes before we put her straight back into the car.
Now all we can do is wait and cross all our fingers for a healthy beautiful litter of puppies in about 9 weeks!!!
But in about 3-4 weeks I will make an ultrasound to see if she is pregnant! So a little bit shorter wait for the first, hopefully good news!

Enya being inseminated with Leo

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