Puppies 3-4 days old!

The puppies are 5 days old today. All doing well, still strong and loud! Enya has been fighting a fever since her delivery, it goes a bit up and down, but overall she is doing better and is having more energy.
Yesterday she even wanted to play for a second with the other dogs during our morningwalk! 
I am lucky to have some nice people helping me out aswell. Enya's owners where here for a while yesterday so I could take my dogs to the woods aswell as the store. 
Elin and Marcus who owns Souki from the D-litter has also helped me out taking my dogs out for walks, which I know they appreciate! I sure do!
They do get less attention these first weeks with puppies in the house, so happy with all the help i get!

Below are some photos of the puppies 3 and 4 days old. Enjoy!

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