A video of how puppies develop inside the womb!

For you who are interested in knowing more about the developing of the puppies inside Enya's belly should watch this movie. It is amazing to see what acctually happens inside the womb. 
Enya is on day 28 on Monday which means that she has gone almost half time of her pregnancy.
It will take another week or two before her belly will have grown and she will start to put on weight. The puppies are still very small and Enya is still living her life just like normal.
It is important for her to stay active as long as she wants, a bitch in good shape has a much better chance to go trough labour without any problems. An overweight dog has  much higher risk for complications. 
So as long as she will have energy she will get to go on her normal walks. Usually it is not until the last one or two weeks that the bitch will start to slow down.
Check back in her soon for more updates on Enya's progress!

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