Any day now!

Today Enya is on day 60 of her pregnancy. So we are expecting the puppies within the next few days! She is doing very well, thankfully. It is very warm and sunny here at the moment, over +25 C and she is trying to stay cool, by finding good places to sleep, moving from the puppybox to the floor. During the days we can only walk around the house and no more, but in the morning and evening I try to go a little bit further if she wants to.
Her appetite is a bit lower today, she eats the wet food and left overs, but the dry puppyfood isn't that interesting to her.
Her temperature has been the same the whole week, inbetween 37,5-38,0 C. So no signs of the delivery to start yet.
So, we have at least one more night of good sleep! Or good, I wake up once or twice to let her out to pee. But both her and I go back to sleep easily!
I meassured her belly this evening, and she has gained a couple of centimetres since Monday. But I don't think she can get any bigger now... then she will burst!
Keep your fingers crossed for her and a safe delivery of her little miracles! Hopefully our next update here will be when we have puppies!
Below are a few photos from today aswell as a video of her wild puppies having a party in her belly!

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