Busy week for the puppies!

Me and the puppies have had a really good week. The weather has been perfect, over +20 degrees and sunny skys, just like any other summerday! I'm very happy about this warm weather staying for a while into September, because it means that the puppies can spend a lot of time outdoors, more fun for both them and me.
Yesterday it was time for their first little trip. I packed all the puppies aswell as adult dogs into my big car and drove to Enya's owners garden. It is big and fenced and perfect for little puppies ready to explore the world. The puppies were really good in the car, a few cries in the beginning then calm and quiet.
We spend about 4 ½ hours outside with some visitors by old and new puppybyers before heading back home. 
I just love these last couple of weeks with the puppies, being able to do different things with them, giving them the best possible start in life that I can!
Tomorrow they turn 6 weeks old and in the afternoon it is time for a new photosession! Look forward to see how they have developed in the last week!
Check back soon for more photos!

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