Enya on day 49!

Enya is today on day 49 of her pregnancy and she now only has two more weeks to go! These last two weeks is the hardest, because it is now that the puppies really start to grow and take up a lot of space inside her belly. She will find it harder to walk around, clean herself and find comfortable ways to sleep.
But I will do my best to assist her! She will move in her with me and the dogs any day now, as soon as I have gotten the puppybox prepared for her. I can't wait!
I meassured her belly today when I went to see her to take some new photos, and she has gained 12 cm around her waist and 14 cm around her belly! I don't know how much she has gained in weight, will weigh her when we go to the vet for an X-ray. 
Below are some new photos of Enya from today and also a short video of her and her big belly! Enjoy!

Enya smiling with her big belly on day 49

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