Day 53 and X-ray!

Enya is today on day 53 of her pregnancy, and in just one week she could start to deliver her puppies. It's normal with a delivery around day 59-63, so not long now!
Today I took her to the vet for a check up and X-ray. On the X-ray I can see 10 little puppies! A bigger litter than I first had guessed she would have! But we are all happy about that!
Enya weighed 49,5 kg, so she has gained 9,5 kg. By the end of the pregnancy my bitches has in general gained about 1 kg per puppy, so she isn't far off that!
She is resting a lot, both in the puppybox and on the couch. She is such a sweet girl, little sister Mira is allowed to lay next to her, and she sure isn't feeling lonely! 
Today the weather has been a bit cooler which is good for Enya, it makes her walks more comfortable. We are not walking that far, but when it is hot it get's hard for her anyway.
Below you can see some pictures of Enya just relaxing today aswell as X-rays of her belly and puppies. I have also posted a short video where you can see the puppies move inside Enya's belly! Enjoy!

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