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For you who are interested in knowing more about the developing of the puppies inside Enya's belly should watch this movie. It is amazing to see what acctually happens inside the womb. 
Enya is on day 28 on Monday which means that she has gone almost half time of her pregnancy.
It will take another week or two before her belly will have grown and she will start to put on weight. The puppies are still very small and Enya is still living her life just like normal.
It is important for her to stay active as long as she wants, a bitch in good shape has a much better chance to go trough labour without any problems. An overweight dog has  much higher risk for complications. 
So as long as she will have energy she will get to go on her normal walks. Usually it is not until the last one or two weeks that the bitch will start to slow down.
Check back in her soon for more updates on Enya's progress!

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Jippie! Enya in confirmed pregnant! Kadamo's F-litter is baking in the oven and will see daylight around the last days of July! Can't wait to start seeing Enya's belly grow and the excitement to build up the next sex weeks!
We could see atleast around 5 puppies on todays ultrasound, perhaps there are more just hiding today. I am counting the pregnancy days from the day of the AI which means Enya is on day 21 today. But from the ultrasound we would say that she might only be on day 19-20, which just means that fertilization didn't take place until a day or two after the actuall AI. 
Enya was so calm and well behaved! She is such a sweet girl, just trust me and think lying on a table in a veterinary clinic wasn't all that bad!
So happy about this wonderful news! Moa will be a grandmother and we will have our first "true" Kadamo litter with a dog born  her as a mother! So exciting to see the second generation of Kadamo dogs being born!
For more information about the parents of the upcoming F-litter visit the planned litter page.

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Enya is today on day 18 of her pregnancy. Or well, we still don't know if she is pregnant! It is too early to see any signs yet... so we are waiting... and waiting... 
On Monday she is on day 21 and I will bring her with me to work to do an ultrasound and then we will know if she has little puppies growing in her belly!
Today I borrowed Enya for the day to walk with interested puppybyers. She was so happy to see my pack again, which feels great waiting for this litter! I know Enya will be happy with us during that time!
Below are a few new pictures of Enya taken today. Keep your fingers crossed for us on Monday and stay online for hopefully some good news!

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Enya is today on day 14 on her (hopefully) pregnancy. She is doing great but it is still to early to say if she is pregnant or not. Too early for showing signs... so we keep on waiting. 
Next Monday on day 21 we will do an ultrasound and then we will know for sure if we have little puppies on the way! So keep your fingers crossed for us!
After having spend three weeks with me and my pack Enya today got to go back to her owners. We have gotten so used to having her here so it feels a bit empty now. She is such an easy going girl and she just melts into my pack without any problems. So I can't wait to have her back by the end of her pregnancy!

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  Day in pregnancy: Waist: Belly:
  Day 1 59 cm 71 cm
  Day 37 64 cm 74 cm
  Day 49 71 cm 85 cm
  Day 56 77 cm 94 cm
  Day 60 79 cm 96 cm


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