First time out in the bigger world!

Today it was time for the puppies to face the bigger world outside my little fenced area. It is fun to see the different puppies personalities, some puppies are always the first to explore new surroundings and some take slightly longer. Today they all loved the big world! They have been out several times for a little while each time, playing, smelling, tasting and exploring.
I had just as a good time as they did! Loved watching them, my precious beautiful babies!
Below are LOADS LOADS of photos from today. We got a visit from one of my neighbour and their daughter. She works as an artist and she had a photographer there today taking pictures of her, her family and their home, and the wanted the puppies in the photos aswell. So who knows, some of the puppies might appear in a gossipmagazine near you! 
This Sunday we also had a visit from puppybyers and their daughter who absolutely loved her time with the puppies, and they their time with her. So a few cuddly pictures of them together in the bottom aswell.
Enjoy all the photos!

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