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Today the puppes are 3 days old. During the afternoon yesterday I took a lot of photos of the precious bunch! They are just so cute, so want to take photos of them all the time!
All the puppies are doing well, they are strong and lively! Enya unfortunatly has a fever, so she needs some extra TLC. 
Hopefully we will get it down today so she will feel better. It is very common that the bitches gets a fever after delivery. Hopefully she will not get an infection, this heat is not optimal for this! So I am happy when I wake up and don't see blue skyes! Cooler temperature is just good for us at the moment!
I hope you will enjoy the photos below!

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Yesterday, on Saturday afternoon the 27th of July Enya started to show a change in her behaviour. At around 15.30 her "water broke" and I knew we were going into the next phase of the delivery. 
After a couple of hours she started to have a few contractions and in the evening they increased, and at 19.39 our first puppy was born!
A lovely male weighing 595 g, showquality and he got be Mr Gold! Not long after he arrived Enya's owner Camilla joined us to be a support for both Enya and me.
And not long after, at 20.13 the second puppy was born. A showquality male weighing 550 g  and he got to be Mr Green.
Enya were doing a wonderful job quickly getting the hang of what she was supposed to do an caring for her babies.
At 20.47 our third male arrived, also showquality and weighing 550 g. He got to be Mr Blue.
Less then 30 minutes later, at 21.15 our fourth showquality male was born, weighing 590 g and he got to be Mr Purple.
I was by now starting to wonder where my girls where! Even though very happy about the wonderful results so far, I wanted some girls too!
So at 21.32 I was very happy to have our first girl in my hands, weighing 495 g, showquality and of course, she got to be Ms Pink.
Enya kept up the good work and continued to pop out puppies like a pro, and at 22.00 our sixth puppy arrived, another male, weighing 590 g. (Pictures of his entry into this world can be seen below, if you are sensitive for close up photos you have now been warned...) This boy is now known as Mr Black.
Only 20 minutes later at 22.19 our second showquality girl arrived, weighing 600 g (biggest of all the puppies) and she got to be Ms Red.
We now had seven puppies and Enya decided to slow down the pace and rest for a while. She had a little bit to eat before she, after 1 hr 50 min gave birth to girl number three at 00.09. A lovely showquality girl weighing 510 g, getting to be Ms Orange.
After this another long wait, which was now starting to get a little bit tiring for me and Camilla, who both had been awake for a long time. At 02.28 our sixth boy and ninth puppy arrived, also him showquality and weighing 584 g, and he got to be Mr Yellow.
After this we knew we had one more puppy to come, but since she has rested so long inbetween the last two, we expected her to do the same. So when she was sleeping herself both me and Camilla decided to try to do the same. Enya has been very easy in her deliverys and we could easily hear on her breathing when it got closer to a puppy coming. So pretty relaxed we went to sleep for a couple of hours, just checking on Enya and the puppies now and then. 
At around 6 am I started to think, she has contractions now and then but in my eyes not often enough. So after a while I called to Bagarmossens Djursjukhus and talked with them. We were thinking just the same. There were no fear for Enya in this stage, but the last puppy could be dead or dying when it is taken so long. The nurse said we could wait for a few more hours, so we waited for a while. But then, after some running with Enya, some more food for her and still no puppy I decided to take her to the vet. 
I didn't want to risk loosing our final puppy, and I was hoping the stress of the carride would kickstart the delivery, and it sure did!
At 8.08 our last boy arrived in the back of the car on Essingeleden! Him also showquality, weighing 570 g, and he got to be Mr Lightblue.
Since we were not that far from the vet I decided to still go and just let them doublecheck that this was the last puppy. 
Since I had done the X-ray I was sure of 10, but I just didn't want to go back home and worry. So, a little bit poorer we are now at home!

Enya has been amazing the whole time. Not waisting any energy, having good contractions, been calm and relaxed and caring with love for her puppies.
The other dogs has gotten to look at the puppies from the doorway and Enya has been ok with that, she was even ok with joining them outside for a quick quick pee. 
I am used to the bitches guarding their puppies, so it is great to see Enya so relaxed, yet of course protective and caring.
Below are some mixed photos from the whole delivery and a couple of videos. Individual pictures coming later on! Enjoy!

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Today Enya is on day 60 of her pregnancy. So we are expecting the puppies within the next few days! She is doing very well, thankfully. It is very warm and sunny here at the moment, over +25 C and she is trying to stay cool, by finding good places to sleep, moving from the puppybox to the floor. During the days we can only walk around the house and no more, but in the morning and evening I try to go a little bit further if she wants to.
Her appetite is a bit lower today, she eats the wet food and left overs, but the dry puppyfood isn't that interesting to her.
Her temperature has been the same the whole week, inbetween 37,5-38,0 C. So no signs of the delivery to start yet.
So, we have at least one more night of good sleep! Or good, I wake up once or twice to let her out to pee. But both her and I go back to sleep easily!
I meassured her belly this evening, and she has gained a couple of centimetres since Monday. But I don't think she can get any bigger now... then she will burst!
Keep your fingers crossed for her and a safe delivery of her little miracles! Hopefully our next update here will be when we have puppies!
Below are a few photos from today aswell as a video of her wild puppies having a party in her belly!

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Today Enya is on day 56 of her pregnancy! Finally we have reached the last week! It is so exciting now, and I just want those puppies to arrive. Yesterday afternoon and evening was hard for Enya. She was breathing heavy and just struggling. I don't know if it was because the puppies was moving around a lot or if it was just warm.
The night was peaceful and so has today been. In the afternoon Johanna with Enya's daddy Wilson came for a visit and we went to the cemetery for a little walk together. Enya seemed very happy and enjoyed to get out. We are not taking any long walks, and during the middle of the dy when it is the warmest we only walk around the house. But in the morning and evening I try to take a little bit longer when she wants to. 
Today we took some new photos of Big-Momma and also a little family photo with the proud Grandparents to be! This will be Moa and Wilson's first grandkids! So this litter is special in many ways for both me and my sister Johanna.
Enya is such a beautiful girl, even now caring around 10 kg extra she just looks wonderful too me! Since last week she has gained another 6 cm around her waist and 9 cm around her belly! I think those puppies can't grow anymore, Enya's belly might burst if they do!!

I will try to update here when Enya starts her whelping, but the most frequent updates will be on Facebook. Keep your fingers crossed now for us and a easy whelping for Enya!

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Enya is today on day 53 of her pregnancy, and in just one week she could start to deliver her puppies. It's normal with a delivery around day 59-63, so not long now!
Today I took her to the vet for a check up and X-ray. On the X-ray I can see 10 little puppies! A bigger litter than I first had guessed she would have! But we are all happy about that!
Enya weighed 49,5 kg, so she has gained 9,5 kg. By the end of the pregnancy my bitches has in general gained about 1 kg per puppy, so she isn't far off that!
She is resting a lot, both in the puppybox and on the couch. She is such a sweet girl, little sister Mira is allowed to lay next to her, and she sure isn't feeling lonely! 
Today the weather has been a bit cooler which is good for Enya, it makes her walks more comfortable. We are not walking that far, but when it is hot it get's hard for her anyway.
Below you can see some pictures of Enya just relaxing today aswell as X-rays of her belly and puppies. I have also posted a short video where you can see the puppies move inside Enya's belly! Enjoy!

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Enya is today on day 49 of her pregnancy and she now only has two more weeks to go! These last two weeks is the hardest, because it is now that the puppies really start to grow and take up a lot of space inside her belly. She will find it harder to walk around, clean herself and find comfortable ways to sleep.
But I will do my best to assist her! She will move in her with me and the dogs any day now, as soon as I have gotten the puppybox prepared for her. I can't wait!
I meassured her belly today when I went to see her to take some new photos, and she has gained 12 cm around her waist and 14 cm around her belly! I don't know how much she has gained in weight, will weigh her when we go to the vet for an X-ray. 
Below are some new photos of Enya from today and also a short video of her and her big belly! Enjoy!

Enya smiling with her big belly on day 49

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I have recieved a new photo of the upcoming F-litters daddy Leo and also a couple of videos of him playing in the garden.
Last weekend I had the priviligue to meet two of his brothers and one of his sisters. I feel very confident that these puppies will turn out very happy and sweet dogs!
There is such a happy and positive energy over the Kangelani dogs, that I just love!
Now I am off to meet Enya and take some new photos of her belly!

Leo and friends

Leo playing in the garden

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Today Enya is on day 37 of her pregnancy, so just about four weeks left until the puppies will be born. Time is flying by! You can now start to see that her belly is growing and her behaviour has changed. Last week when she got a nice dogbone she went out in the garden and started to dig trying to hide it for the "future". This is something she has never done before, so definetely a mothers instinct!
Since the AI Enya's belly has grown 3 cm and her waist 5 cm. In a few weeks those numbers will have increased a lot more! Now the real growing of the puppies start, up until now they have been tiny, but now, and especially the last two weeks they will grow into the size they have at birth, which is a lot in such a short time.
I will get new photos of Enya when I am back from my holiday. She will then be around day 49 and it will be time for her to move in with me. Until then enjoy these photos of our gorgeous mum to be!

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Enya is today on day 35 in her pregnancy. Her belly has started to grow and this passed week her apetite has been low. Normally Enya is a gold medalist in fast eating... so you can really tell the difference now. 
It is perfectly normal that the bitch feels a bit sick at this stage of the pregnancy, they can throw up and eat less. 
Enya has spend the last week and a half with her owner Camilla on a relaxing vacation. Later this week she is coming back home and I will make sure to go and see her before I leave for my weeks vacation. When I am back home again it will only be just over two weeks left until the puppies will be here! Soooo exciting!
Just four weeks left from now!
Check back in here later this week for more new photos of our mummy to be!

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  Day in pregnancy: Waist: Belly:
  Day 1 59 cm 71 cm
  Day 37 64 cm 74 cm
  Day 49 71 cm 85 cm
  Day 56 77 cm 94 cm
  Day 60 79 cm 96 cm


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