Puppyphotos 23-25 days old!

My lovely darlings are 3 ½ weeks old now. They are all just wonderful, the perfect age! They are curious, climb up in my lap for cuddles and they don't bite yet! In a few more weeks it will be on your own risk to get in and play with them when they have a lot of energy... Then they will most likely be biting toes, clothes and noses!
They still sleep a lot so when they wake up I try to use their awake time to play with them and just socialize them.
All my grown up girls, their grandma Moa, aunt Mira and nanny Yaya has now started to interact a little with them aswell. Mira seem so love her little nieces and nephews!
Look forward to be able to let them go outside, gives them more space and more things to explore.
Below are photos of the puppies 23-25 days old and a video from this morning. Mira entertained the puppies when I was cleaning the puppypen. Enjoy!

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