Puppyphotos 19-22 days old!

Time for more puppyphotos! I haven't had the time before to update with the photos from the end of last week, so you can find them in the end of this album.
On top are photos from yesterday when the puppies are 22 days old. They got to move out to the livingroom yesterday, a big project for me but a short journey for them! But now they have gotten a bigger play area that will increase as they grow bigger. 
They all have their teeth out now and they play more rough than before. There is a lot of biting on eachother and toys, I can imagine it itches in their mouths a bit as their teeths come out.
Enya is still nursing them and giving milk several times a day. But they are now getting solid food twice a day,  a mix of minced meat, wet puppyfood and egg. They are all loving it!
Most of the time they are now also walking off the dogbeds and on to the newspapers to pee and poo. During nighttime they don't seem to be as good though... always a nice mess for me to take care of in the mornings! Just five more weeks of that! ;-)
They puppies are getting very social now, as soon as I get in the puppypen they climb up in my lap and wants to be held and cuddled with. And who can say no to that?! Not me!
Enjoy the photos!

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